What does "GLASSBURG bespoke" mean?

This is a department in GLASSBURG which gives to its clients and designers an individual approach in the creation of exclusive products.
It was opened in the continuation of the philosophy of the brand ("Glass is infinite") and with the aim of discovering all the possibilities of glass considering the client's tasks and creating unique products in the synergy of glass nature, customer needs, the work of GLASSBURG professionals and guest designers.

To get this individual approach and to create an exclusive glass product call GLASSBURG head office [+7 (812) 309-97-16] or write an e-mail [info@glassburg.com].

In order to demonstrate everything that art glass can give to a diverse human subject world, GLASSBURG divided the "bespoke" department into several branches:
  • CONSTRUCTOR - personal configuration of lamps and chandeliers basing on "GLASSBURG light" catalog.
  • GLASSBURG light bespoke - creation of absolutely unique lamp or installation of "glass + light" for interior or exterior.
  • GLASSBURG interior - interior decoration with decor and objects made of glass.
  • GLASSBURG art - collaboration with artists and creative industries.